Welcome to our place

Picture of a young vine

Judith Mountain Vineyard is an organic vineyard sitting in central Montana, 10 miles east of Lewistown, in a south-facing grassy bowl within the mountains of our namesake.  Our mission is to produce a few wines that reflect the beauty and solace of this area.  A vine grown here becomes emboldened, developing nose and mouth reminiscent of the native mint, lupine, yarrow, sweetgrass, sage... and tempered by the harsh weather that  punctuates our lives.

Our place is pretty natural, we're entirely off-grid with a wind generator,  solar, and capture drinking water from a spring...  a strawbale home,  greenhouse, and winery are soon to follow.  Visitors are welcome anytime.  We also support work trade from Spring-Autumn to help with projects around here.  This means free room and board- there's a place  for you to stay and we have garden produce.  Have a look at our gallery, visit our blog for current chronicles, and until we produce wine, you can follow the adventures and trials of our vines in this alpine climate.


Herman and Vines

The Grapes

Random foliageMarquette Frontenac  St. Croix Sabrevious 
Prarie Star

One little one acre.  More to come.  Click  here to learn about each varietal and follow them as they grow and produce.